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Picking the Best Summer Camp Near Alabama


If you’ve been researching summer camps for a while now, you likely know how beneficial summer camp is for children. If not, summer camp allows your child to become more independent, confident, and grow up significantly by the end of the summer. Summer camp teaches children new skills and lessons that will help them once they leave camp for the summer. When choosing a summer camp near Alabama, look for a camp that will let your son or daughter explore the great outdoors while making new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. But how do you select the best summer camp near Alabama? First, find out how old the camp is. Camps that have been around for a long time are likely to have more campers returning each year happily. Second, what is the summer camp’s philosophy? What does the camp intend on teaching your daughter or son while they are there? A camp should focus on assisting with social and educational development, teaching lessons, helping to achieve goals, and having a great summer. Camp Blue Ridge does all of that and more. Next, who is the summer camp staff? Ask what the hiring process is and if the staff has background checks. The staff should all be eighteen years old or older. Ask what the ratio of campers to counselors is. This often dictates how much attention or son or daughter will receive over the summer. Last, always include your son or daughter in the summer camp decision process. See what summer camp activities they want to participate in and how long they would like to attend camp. There are often different summer camp sessions that you can select from. The parent isn’t the one going to camp and although they have the final say, including the child in the summer camp process will make him or her more excited for summer camp and reduce pre-camp anxiety. Camp Blue Ridge is the perfect summer camp for girls and boys near Alabama. Contact us at (706)-746-5491 (summer) or (954)-665-8686 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour!