Camp Blue Ridge Blog

Session B Week 1

Session B campers have come together from all over the world and found common grounds in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. The session started on June 25th and is off to a great start. New and returning campers alike are finding their home away from home here at Camp Blue Ridge, one by one finding comfort in their newfound summer family. The session began the same way Session A did- Miss CBR. Counselors compete in a beauty pageant, in which they can showcase their favorite look, answer questions, and show off their talents (or lack thereof.) Miss CBR has proven to be one of the campers favorite events of the summer, and the counselor that wins is always a camp-legend for the rest of the summer. This year, Charlie Eiglarsh took home the win. Each night, the campers participate in a night activity. Freshman and Junior campers join together for the activity, whereas the teens have their own night activity. For the first time in CBR history, we played slip and slide kickball. Each village had the opportunity to participate, and some have already asked if we will have a chance to play again before summer ends. The game is similar to normal kickball, however, instead of bases there are mini pools stationed and instead of running to the bases the campers used a slip and slide to reach the mini pools. On Tuesday night, the teen campers found out which Teen-O-Rama team they would be on for the rest of the summer. Teen-O-Rama is a camp tradition that began a few years back, where all the teens are assigned to a different team color: Green, Purple, Yellow, and Orange. Each Tuesday, the teams compete to see which color will come out on top. The first Teen-O-Rama Tuesday was based around a game called Grandma’s Candy. One counselor from each team hid somewhere around camp with a bag filled with balloons, and by the end of the time frame whichever team had the most balloons won. So far, the Green Team is in the lead. Tonight is the first social of Session B, and the campers couldn't be more excited for the “Rock Star” theme. Before the social, every single camper will head to the auditorium after dinner for friday night services led by the oldest cabin. After services, the entire camp will attend the social dressed from head to toe in rock star clothes. #CBRFOREVER