Camp Blue Ridge Blog

Week 2 at CBR

As week two at CBR continues, campers have found their second home here at Camp Blue Ridge in Northern Georgia. Each cabin has gotten into their own unique routine, and as our boys head counselor says “Camp is running smoothly like a well-oiled machine.” Campers and counselors are just as excited about activities and special events as they were on day one. With so many different activities to choose from, campers never have to do the same thing twice (although some enjoy signing up for the same activities and mastering specific skills). The session A play, Beauty and the Beast, is coming together very nicely. The talented campers have been working all day memorizing their lines and singing songs, and have done an absolutely amazing job in such a short amount of time! On Thursday, the campers hard work pays off as their production comes to life on stage. Between songs such as “Tale as Old as Time,” “Belle reprise,” and “Evermore” the cast are going to leave the audience in awe. Last night, Monday June 19th, the infamous Kangaroo Court took place at the amphitheater overlooking the beautiful belt of Blue Ridge mountains in the distance. For Kangaroo Court, campers submitted their peers into the court for silly things they have said throughout camp. Each camper entered was put through trial, with a fair chance of coming out not guilty. The prosecutor took the floor first, and then the defense attorney would defend and rationalize each camper's case. At the end, Judge Chomp looked to the jury and announced the verdict. Those who were guilty got leftovers poured on them, whereas those found not guilty left clean and intact. There are some things you can only find at camp- the beautiful sun setting between the peaks and valleys of the mountains is one of them. Everyone looks forward to watching the sunset as they enjoy their night time snack. Warm colors light up the sky surrounding the Blue Ridge mountains; it’s a view like no other. It is the perfect and most peaceful way to end a busy and exhilarating day at CBR. #CBRforever