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Choosing a Summer Camp for Your Child

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4 Mistakes Parents Make when Choosing a Summer

 Choosing the right summer camp for your child is a tough decision. Putting your trust into other people to care for your children health, safety, happiness, and overall well-being is not a simple task.

Camp Blue Ridge is a private, family owned and operated summer camp in Georgia. CBR has been roundly run by the Waldman family for over 50 years. With years of providing life changing experiences for campers and staff, CBR prides themselves on the inclusive and loving atmosphere they have created at their camp.

Each year over a million children attend summer camp in the United States alone. From day camps, sleep away, specialty camps, short sessions, full sessions, there are so many options to chose from. How do you know which is right for your child?

Avoid making these typical mistakes when choosing a camp for your camper.

 1. Not Considering Their Child’s Interests   It is best if your child has some input when choosing a summer camp. Studies do show that a child will be more engaged and have an all around better camp experience if they are a part of the decision making process. The key is to find a good balance between your Childs interests and a camp that encourages them to try new things and develop new skills.  

 2. Overlooking Their Needs as a Parent  Consider your needs as a parent who will be sending their child away to camp. Make sure you are comfortable with the location, food service, living quarters, staff selection, etc.

3. Letting Their Child Stay within Their Comfort Zone   It is important to encourage growth and to challenge your child to step out of their comfort zone, but to an extent. Introducing your child to new experiences and opportunities before camp can prepare them for whats to come. All children react and respond to new environments differently, and you know your child best. Consider whether you want to send your child to a camp where they know friends from home, or if you want them to branch out and meet new children.

4. Not Checking Staff Qualifications  No matter what camp you choose for your child, make sure that you do plenty of research ahead of time.   Always choose a kid’s camp that has been accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This ensures the camp operates in accordance with the standards, policies, and procedures set out by the ACA.  Don’t be afraid to ask if camp staff were screened before they were hired. This includes screening employees against the national sex offender registry and doing a police background check.   

Register for a Kids’ Summer Camp at Camp Blue Ridge  If you are looking for the right summer camp for your kids, Camp Blue Ridge is a great option. At Camp Blue Ridge we strive to develop an independent camper within a community setting. Campers ages 6-16 will benefit from our safe and nurturing environment and focus on educational and social development..  To learn more about our sleepover camp, including our amenities, food, activities, and staff, or to register for the upcoming camp season, contact us today! / (954) 665-8686