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Should Summer Camps Run During the Pandemic?

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"Swimming, s'mores, and social distancing: is summer camp during the pandemic worth it?"

A recent story done by NBC News focused on an extremely important and current topic of discussion, debate, and deliberation: should summer camps open for summer 2020?

It is without a doubt understood that any sort of camp experience this summer is going to be different than what we are all use to.

Camp Blue Ridge, a children's sleep away camp in North Georgia, told NBC, "we are still grieving and nauseous over not opening this summer".

"It was a devastating decision to have to make we do feel it was the most responsible." All protocols, guidelines, recommendations, were carefully looked over for months, but Camp Blue Ridge Directors felt that even with all the screening, social distancing, sanitizing, practices and preventative measures, the risks still remained to great and unknown. It was a position we were just not comfortable putting our staff, campers, and their families in.