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How Coed Summer Camp Benefits Kids

Children Smiling At Edge Of Swimming PoolHave you been tossing around the idea of sending your son or daughter to coed summer camp near South Carolina next summer? Here at Camp Blue Ridge, we can honestly tell you that sleepaway camp benefits children in ways that you would never believe. Keep on reading to learn a few of the top benefits that we know children will gain after a summer with us at Camp Blue Ridge!

  1. Builds Self-Confidence: Sleepaway camp is the best place for your child to come out of their shell and develop self-confidence. We are lucky to have created an encouraging and supportive environment where your child will feel comfortable trying new things and being themselves! A lot of children are afraid to participate in sleepaway camp activities that they have never tried before, because of fear of failing in front of their new friends. But at Camp Blue Ridge, every camper encourages one another, thus building confidence.
  2. Learn Responsibility: For many children, sleepaway camp is often their first time away from home and their parents for an extended period of time. This encourages children to make decisions for themselves, such as what sleepaway camp activities to participate in, keeping their cabin clean, and following a schedule. And overall, learning to be responsible for themselves and their actions.
  3. Social Interactions: At sleepaway camp, there is no time for cell phones. This encourages children to have face to face time with one another. And with the help of our amazing sleepaway camp counselors, counselors learn to effectively communicate with one another, which can be extremely difficult in the age of social media and smartphones. They learn to be trustworthy, dependable, and to work with each other.
  4. Lifelong Friendships: Sleepaway camp allows your children to form bonds unlike any other, through shared experiences and adventures. And trust us, camp friends are the best kind of friends.
  5. Unforgettable Memories: Camp is a place filled with unique experiences and a ton of opportunities, away from the normal routines of the school year. Kids have a chance to be themselves and make their own decisions with support from camp leaders and their peers. They are challenged and engaged.
Camp Blue Ridge is a family operated, activity-oriented, coed, accredited summer camp. At Camp Blue Ridge we strive to develop an independent camper within a community setting. We offer children and teens an ever evolving collection of specialized activities in the areas of aquatics, athletics, outdoor adventure and the cultural arts. Boys and girls ages 6-16 will benefit from Camp Blue Ridge's safe and nurturing environment and focus on educational and social development, all nestled within 250 acres of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia, 2 hours northeast of Atlanta. Take a look around our website for the answers to any questions you may have and you can also visit our summer camp promotional video for more details. We are counting down the days until next summer starts here at Camp Blue Ridge! To learn more about the best coed summer camp near South Carolina or to register your son or daughter for next summer, call us at (954) 665-8686 today! 12-07-18_255.jpg