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How Summer Camp near Florida Benefits Children

All of our campers have finally arrived at Camp Blue Ridge! With the first session over and the second currently underway, we are already having the best summer of our lives and look forward to the upcoming weeks. Parents, we are sure that you are missing your children and counting down the days you can see their faces again. But don’t worry, campers are having an amazing time at our summer camp near Florida and benefitting from every second they spend here!

This year, over eleven million adults and children will head off to summer camp. When children go to summer camp, they benefit in ways that can be achieved anywhere else. One of the most important benefits of summer camp is the fact that children disconnect from technology and reconnect with the great outdoors. Everyday at summer camp is different and filled with fun and exciting opportunities for campers. A typical day at summer camp offers children a wide variety of summer camp activities to choose from. By participating in these activities, children will mentally and physically stay active all summer. In the summer, many children aren’t moving as much as they are during the school year, and instead spend most of their time sitting around being unproductive. Summer camp gives children an opportunity to move around and have fun without the stress and worry that comes along with the school year. This also reduces the risk of obesity and other common health issues in children. Another benefit that comes along with attending summer camp is independence. From the second that children are dropped off at summer camp, they are independent from their parents.  Children will be responsible for themselves, of course with the assistance of our wonderful summer camp staff. Summer camp creates an environment where children can be themselves without being afraid of what their peers think. We pride ourselves on the safe and supportive community that we have created at Camp Blue Ridge. Children can try new things and not be afraid to fail and be made fun of. We are all friends and support one another at summer camp. At Camp Blue Ridge, we aim to give children an amazing summer camp experienced filled with learning, growing, and tons of fun! If you’re interested in the best summer camp near Florida for your son or daughter, contact Camp Blue Ridge at 706-746-5491 (summer) or 954-665-8686 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour! 12-07-25_102.jpg